Bones and Feathers Collective was founded in 2010 by Natalie Mauro and Cole Morrall. After moving to Los Angeles from New York, the two designers decided to create an accessories collection using the now eponymous materials; bones and feathers. Inspired by Nicole's upbringing in rural Kauai and Natalie's in the northern Midwest, both combine an urban sensibility that fuses indigenous styles with a modern day luxury.

With their unique use of animal vertebrae along with clean, sophisticated lines, they emphasize their intrigue of shape and the beautifully simple way all fragments fit together like a puzzle. The Bones and Feathers Collective collection is an elegant interpretation of unexpected cultural icons of the past and present. Statement collar necklaces, thick chains inspired by 80's rappers, open cuffs with animal motif accents, sleek gold cuffs and tube rings all fit together perfectly to make up this collection that is once wild, macabre and ethereal.